Augmentation dots cause cues-sizing to compound

• Jan 21, 2023 - 17:31
Reported version
S3 - Major

Notes are 2x cue-sized, shrunk beyond the correct size, when attached augmentation dots are set to be cue sized in addition to the notehead.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Write some notes with and without augmentation dots
  2. Select the written range
  3. Check "Cue size" in the properties pane

The notes with augmentation dots will be sized smaller than the others.

Both augmentation dots and noteheads have a "Cue size" property that can be set. I observed that setting just the augmentation dot to cue-sized causes the notehead to be cue-sized, so it appears that the cue-sizing is doubling on itself when both the notehead and the augmentation dot are cue-sized. See the attached score.

A workaround for this bug is to only set the noteheads as cue-sized.

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I also just noticed that a similar thing happens with accidentals, causing accidentals to be double-shrunk.

  1. Create two chords with accidentals
  2. Range-select one, so that the selection includes the accidentals, and check "Cue sized"
  3. Individually select noteheads in the other and check "Cue sized"
  4. Observe that the accidentals are smaller in the first group, because accidentals both inherit cue-sizing from their noteheads and have their own cue-size property.

The workaround is the same - select individual noteheads and check "Cue sized" rather than using range-selection

And I just noticed again this happening with tied notes too:

  1. Create two notes tied together
  2. Range-select them
  3. Check "Cue size"
  4. Observe that the first note in the tied pair is smaller than the second one

Again the same workaround works - select individual noteheads and set cue-sized. In this case it's not obvious to me where the compounding is coming from, as I haven't found an element which accepts a redundant cue-sizing here. (Ties do not have a cue-sized flag)

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