Major scale degree notation plugin?

• Jan 20, 2023 - 19:59

Hello there,

David Reed, the guy from "improvise for real" (IFR) teaches music using scale degrees anchored on the major scale.

It's INCREDIBLY efficient. I've made more progress in four months using his method, I've made more progress in making music then in the previous 30 years of actively trying many MANY things. Including group lessons, music school, private lessons, online courses, books, tons and tons of endless and often painful practice on the guitar, the piano, the ukulele... Not only is the method effective, it's also a blessing for your ears (at least in my taste) and it's fun and addictive.

But that's enough an intro, if you're interested in learning more about the IFR method, go to their youtube channel, all their videos are worth gold.

In his book, he uses tonal sketching to notate the music and it's amazingly easy to read and sight sing. It looks like the attached "when I fall in love" image.

There is a discussion going on on the IFR forum where people are saying how much they love the notation and how nice it would be to have access to more songs written that way... some people explored using ABC notation... and then someone came up with a museScore plugin idea...
(if you're interested, the discussion is here )

I believe a MuseScore plugin is an BRILLIANT idea
(And thanks again @yonah_ag for the takadimi plugin!)
This time around, I would love to pitch in an do some coding... would someone be nterested in coding it with me? Any hints on the best documentation to get started with coding plugins?

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