Can't paste lyrics in MS4

• Jan 20, 2023 - 16:52

I uploaded MS4 and now I cannot paste lyrics as in MS3. When I press command+V the first syllable of the text comes to every note. Do I something wrong or is there a bug?



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The plan right now now is to make it easier to access the excellent Lilypond Lyrics plugin, which allows to edit edit lyrics very conveniently.

But I'm curious - are you saying you previously had success entering all the hyphens and melismas into your text, but are not having success typing the lyrics directly? To me the former seems far more likely to be error-prone. Again, though, the plugn seems like the best of both worlds, and then some.

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I start with public domain XML files from Open in Musescore, save as mscz. Transpose & add chord symbols.
Copy the lyrics from Hymnary that match the hymnal the congregation will be reading from. Paste into Juicio Brennan's Hyphenator
Copy the hyphenated lyrics back out. Go to Musescore, click the first note, Cmd-L, start pasting, adding - and _ where needed to make the lyrics line up.
For subsequent verses I don't even have to go back to the hyphenator - it would remember where I left off and keep on pasting.

I've been using a variation of this workflow since Finale 2003, through Sibelius, and now to MuseScore. Until Musescore 4. 😞 If you want to watch it in action, let me know and I'll do a screen recording with MuseScore 3.

I can't type all this in (3-5 verses) and get it right on the first pass (there's some seriously archaic language!), and I've got too much riding on it to get it wrong. I'm very part-time and usually need to turn this around quickly.

Is there no plan to restore the copy/paste lyric functionality in version 4? I love the new interface, but it's mostly useless to me if I can't just paste the hyphenated lyrics.

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You can actually download the current version of the plugin already - it seems to work fine in 4.0.2 even though I gather there are some tweaks to the plugin system that are being made to better support it. You'll want both the QML and PNG files from the GitHub repository -…

My concern is the plugin uses the LilyPond syntax which isn't very friendly. So I'm proposing we extent the plugin to also support something more like the MU3 syntax.

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