Move to next measure during chord input not possible

• Jan 20, 2023 - 12:38

I am using MS4 on two Macs, one with Intel and the other one with M1. There is simply no shortcut available which makes the cursor go from one chord in one bar to the next bar. It has been mentioned on this forum before that Command-Right Arrow doesn't work for some people. I am one of those people. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am using a German keyboard.
I have tried to find another keyboard shortcut but it was impossible. Either the cursor wouldn't move at all, or using another shortcut would simply add that character to the chord symbol. For example, I wanted to move from Cmaj7 in the first bar to the next bar, I would input my newest shortcut (in this case a right arrow: >) which I had just previously programmed and it would simply write Cmaj7> without going to the next bar..
But even more strange is the fact that on one of my Macs (the Intel Mac) I was able to use the TAB key which suited me fine because I was used to that from MS3. But my M1 Macbook doesn't accept that.
Seems to me to be a bug.


Between Mu3 and Mu4 the shortcut changed to Ctrl+Right (Cmd+Right on Mac)
There have been reports though that this doesn't work an all Macs

Try Help > Revert to factory settings first

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Definitely no luck. Cmd+Right doesn't work on my Macs even after revert to factoy settings. On my Intel Mac I was at least able to reprogram that particular shortcut to the TAB key. On my M1 Mac I am not even able to do that because MS4 doesn't accept the input of TAB in the field where you change the definition.

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