Default keyboard shortcuts for staccato and decrescendo cause neither to work

• Sep 24, 2014 - 07:26
Graphical (UI)
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Select a note or range of notes, and press Shift+Period (same as entering >), and nothing happens. Changing the keyboard shortcut fixes it.

Using revision 1514034 on Windows 8.1 with a US keyboard layout.


I don't think anything is fixed. If your keyboard is one in which Shift+"." is the same as ">", neither is going to work, and these are still the default shortcuts for staccato and diminuendo respectively.

That's interesting, because on my US keyboard layout, pressing '>' (Shift + .) adds a decrescendo, but just pressing '.' by itself doesn't create a staccato. I had to remap staccato to Control + . to get it to work. My OS is Ubuntu 14.10 - perhaps the decrescendo still doesn't work on windows.

Correction: pressing '.' by itself adds an augmentation dot and pressing '>' (= Shift + '.' on US keyboard) adds a decrescendo. Perhaps the default for staccato should be Control + '.'?

You sure you were using the default shortcuts provided in the latest build and not shortcuts leftover from a previous installation? Run "mscore -F" to be sure; I had done that only minutes before I tested, also US keybaord, Ubuntu (14.04).

But note, "." is not supposed to create staccato - Shift+"." is the shortcut for staccato; "." is the shortcut for augmentation dot. Because Shift+"." is the staccato shortcut, it conflicts with ">" on any keyboard for which those are the same key. And in that situation, you get an error message on the console window (if running from a terminal or debugger) warning of the conflcit, and the shortcut executes neither command.

So yes, one possibility is to change the staccato shortcut. But given there are lots of different keybaord layouts in the world, and lots of shortcuts defined by MuseScore, it's almost inevitable that some combination will conflcit on some keyboard layout. So it's kind of a no-win situation overall, but still, I do think this particular case may merit changing the staccato shortcut for.