MuseScore 4.01 quits unexpectedly after Bluetooth speaker goes off

• Jan 19, 2023 - 12:06

kind of weird...

not sure if I had the issue with previous versions.

Could anyone confirm the issue ?




The problem is not necessarily with Musescore. When You disconnect the speakers, you've shut off the playback device that the software is using. The bluetooth speakers were the default audio device. You disconnected the speakers and now there is no default device. The software can't just use a different device. It can only use what was there when you started the software. This is true MS4, MS3, and other notation software. The solution is to have whatever device turned on and hooked up before starting the software and never changing it while the software is running.This is not a work-around, or a bug. Just the way it works.

Was using MuseScore- (without Muse Hub ver.)
It crashed when my bluetooth headphone was disconnected from the laptop.

I went to the bathroom without taking off my headphone. Once I exceed the limit distance of bluetooth connection (i.e. I no longer hear the music), and when I came back to my laptop, MuseScore is crashed. Tried it several times, the result was the same.

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