Is there a way to automate replacing triplets by the same notes but quantized into the current time signature?

• Jan 18, 2023 - 22:18

Currently, if you delete a triplet, you lose all the notes and have to re-enter them again.

I find this counterintuitive and there are at least two forum threads that agree with me: and
I'd expect them to be replaced by the same notes quantized into the current signature.

I'd love to be able to transform this:
.. into this:

... automagically, without having to re-type the notes.

Similarly, I'd want this:
... to be transformed into this:

Basically, quantizing the triplets into time signature, by approximating

I think it would be a good behavior when deleting triplets, but I understand others might not agree.

Would it possible to implement this in a plugin?

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