Musescore 4 corrupt file and won't recover

• Jan 18, 2023 - 21:23

Been creating a new score in V4. Every time I open it, M4 tells me the file is corrupt. If I choose Ignore, the file loads, but I can't tell if there's a growing problem. If I save a copy it gives exactly the same message. Can't open the file in V3. Very concerned that V4 is not robust enough.

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On those two options, the first (export to MusicXML and then import into Mu3) seemed to work pretty well. My past experience with MusicXML is that some things get lost, but as I think about it, those were exports from Finale that were then imported into Mu3, for maybe Mu4's export algorithm is just better than Finale's. In the test case I did just now, from Mu4 to Mu3, the result looked pretty good at a brief inspection.

The second technique: applying a zip extractor to the .mscx file to extract an embedded .mscx file, the second of which will open in Mu3 and the first of which won't -- well, it, doesn't get much more unintuitive than that! I suppose it's good to know about, but really: how geeky do you want Musescore users to have to be?

Nevertheless, between iDrive and the export to MusicXML remedies I feel pretty well covered, and I do appreciate your pointing me to them. I still think the remedy should just be a Save As, though, if only for the comfort of a broader base of users. Unfortunately, the greatest need for it is probably now, in the early stages of Mu4, and I'm sure there's a long list of fixes and enhances to be addressed.

I had the same problem:
- Create a score save it
- Op it and it tells me that the score is corrupt.
- Trying to unzip the score is not the answer, The file is corrupt
- After edits create a new copy in case of another disappointment ......
For some reason I didn't trust the way the score is 'zipped'.
So I removed 7z from the environment variable %Path%.
A voilà, no more corruptions ....

After this change there was one exception :
Once a score got corrupted when I switched workspaces in windows 10 when Muscore was open. but I haven't tested it further.

Hope this will help ...

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I am currently testing if workspaces had anything to do with the last corruption.
I restarted my OS (Windows 10) and started a new score (WA Test 1) and it is corrupt :
(Error=XML_ERROR_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line number=0)
No workspaces defined.

I'm also working on a score without any problems for the last week (that's wy i thought 'all is well') (Milonga 07.mscz) (no copy wright issues I hope, it's for personal use)

So I'm a bit confused now.
Currently I'm using GIT to track my changes in stead of endlessly copying scores :)

If I can help test something please let me know


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I've been working on my final project of music theory and I decided to finish now, but when I tried to open my file, I got this message from musescore. Is there any way to solve it? The deadline of the work is on tuesday :(

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