Unable to play separatly 2 instruments

• Jan 15, 2023 - 11:20

I have created a new score with 2 Clarinets using the pdf import tool.
I would like to play only one clarinet.
I opened the mixer menu, but I didn't find out how to separate the 2 instruments (see attached file).
Can anyone help me on that ?
Thank you for your help.

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From what I see in your screenshot, you used a piano staff to write two clarinet parts.
Go to "instruments" and add two clarinets. Then copy and paste from the piano staves to the individual clarinet ones. Then you'll be able to mute one of the instruments.
If you are planning to play along, I suggest you pay attention to the "concert pitch" / "transposed pitch" modes when pasting to the clarinet parts.

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