I think "Musescore 3" is a better program than "Musescore 4".

• Jan 15, 2023 - 08:56

When I used 'Musescore 3', the number pad worked well and it was easy to use in the coding part, but there are many inconveniences except for the advantages above for about a month while coming to 'Musescore 4'. I wonder when it will be fixed.

There will be various problems, but I hope these two things will be improved soon.
1. Note cannot be changed to numeric pad
2. Shift + direction key used before writing code cannot be entered


MS 4.0.1 is still quite new, it is programmed by volunteers, there are still some bugs that will be fixed step by step. MS 3.6.2 has also received a lot of bug fixes over time and there are still some.

So be patient and continue to use MS 3.6.2 for serious production for now. And watch the further development and bug fixes of version 4.

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To have a correct idea what kind of company Musescore BVBA was, see the Annual accounts deposed for publication in the Belgian Official Gazette (Belgisch Staatsblad), last one end December 2021.
Also all other legal documents published in the Gazette, until the transfer of the company to Cyprus, known as being a tax haven.
In Dutch language. https://www.staatsbladmonitor.be/bedrijfsfiche.html?ondernemingsnummer=…
This is a multi million € company.

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Is that right. Wow. I didn't know that. Well good luck. You rewrote the entire program from the ground up -- similar to the new 787 Boeing airplane (pun intended)
The programmers just made a new airplane
Good luck with your plane.
I still am unsure whether I personally will be boarding anytime soon, but I hope others enjoy the flight.

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