Default fingering stacking order value (Recommend < 1900)

• Jan 15, 2023 - 03:09

a) I wish there was a section in the Handbook that lists the default stacking order values of various objects. Am I missing something?

b) it would make more sense to me in fingerings had a default stacking order below 1900. Currently the default is 3900.

Then they would always be in front of the staff and below notes.

In close quarter this can make a difference for those of us who use opaque white rectangles to break staff lines:

For instance, I use these values:

     Frame: Rectangle
     Highlight: White
     Thickness: 0
     Margin: 0

... and even with Margin = 0 the width of the rectangle will sometimes eclipse part of the notehead, stem or flag.



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It turned out that typing the name of each item and its corresponding stacking order was the fastest way to compose the list. Glad to be of service!
ad b) in most cases I prefer a slightly different method. The AutoHotkey macro produces a staff text containing a period of size 2, set to rectangle with a thickness of 1.40 sp and a margin of 0 .00 sp colored white. The default stacking order is 950, Autoplacement off. Using a high zoomfactor the period is hidden behind an element nearby.

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