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• Jan 15, 2023 - 01:05

I am a frequent user of the help file. I frequently use the search function within the particular version applicable to the software version I am using. With the release of MS-4 I believe that the help file is just a little less usable (or, less understandable for me) as I can not see a way of searching just the MS-4 handbook. If I am working in version 4, I don't know that the search results for version 3 are terribly useful.

I do not know how to directly search the MS-4 help information, short of using the print version and employing a simple text search. Perhaps you could consider discreetly providing a link to the MS-4 help pages, as in the following.
- MuseScore 4 Handbook
- MuseScore 3 Handbook
- MuseScore 2 Handbook
- MuseScore 1 Handbook

And then provide the search function for just that file (as in previous versions).

This change would provide a significant improvement in the usefulness of the online handbook (for me). I really miss the search function that was available in version 3.




These links are already available to you. Both in MS 3 and in MS4, the menu choice Help > Online handbook takes you to the correct Handbook for that version - but also offers you links to earlier versions (and in MS3 even a link to the later MS4 handbook).

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The links in the software do take you to the correct version. However, if you use the search feature in the website, then all versions of the handbook are searched. If this search could be limited to the version of Musescore handbook that is currently being viewed, it would make searching much easier.

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