Melody Transformations Using Musescore

• Jan 14, 2023 - 19:18

Do any of you composers ever transform your melodies (sequences, inversions, retrograde inversions, etc.) with software like Musescore? I am searching for a music composition software package that will perform these various transformations of selected score segments instantly upon command. Any suggestions are most welcome. Thanks.


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1) I did an Internet search for "musescore new retrograde plugin"
2) Given this link: I followed it to a page where 'Download' is seen
3) Downloaded
4) Opened .ZIP archive
5) The readme file didn't explicitly explain how to install
6) Did an Internet search for "musescore install plugins"
7) Given this link: I followed the instructions for install & activation of the Retrograde plugin
8) (In MuseScore program) Created a test score, entered some measures of notes
9) Selected a measure or sequence of notes
10) Chose menu item 'Plugins', chose 'NewRetrograde'

Respectfully @Rbeam, these are all things you could have done. While it may take longer, and require more thought & persistence, one alternative is to wait for folk here to respond. Sometimes they do, with all the steps you need to take.

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It works! Correct me if I am wrong, but by following your instructions here is what I did:
1. I did an Internet search for "musescore 3 new retrograde plugin"
2. That took me to this page:
3. I clicked on “download” to download the compressed zip file plugin.
4. It asked me to name the file where the plugin would be extracted.
5. I typed in C:Users/Owner/my documents/Musescore3/plugins
6. I then hit “extract”, waited, and was presented with the message “extraction successful open output folder”
7. I selected “open folder” which showed
My Documents
- Musescore 3
- - plugins
- - newretrograde-master
8. So now I knew it had been installed in the correct folder.
9. To activate the plugin, I selected “plugins” from the Musescore menu of the score I
was working on. Lo and behold there was a new checkbox titled “newretrograde-master”
10. I checked that box to activate the plugin.
11. Finally, I selected a measure in the score and went to “plugins” in the menu. There, waiting
for me was a new plugin called “newretrograde”. I clicked on it, and the measure I had selected automatically changed to the retrograde.

Thanks so much for your help. This gives me another motif transformation tool to use.

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