A tempo lacking in the tempo palette

• Jan 14, 2023 - 16:35

Hi ! I've seen that my pbs have been taken care of in the last update, that's great ! Thank you !
I've just spotted another one : it's great to have now tempo variation texts implemented in the playback (rall., etc.), but I didn't see "A tempo", which always sets the score back to the previous tempo. It seems to me it should exist and appear in the tempo palette.


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IMHO that should be the complete fix, not a workaround as you don't always want to return to the last tempo marking e.g. following a series of reducing tempos to create a customised rit. you want to return to the tempo before the first of those (invisible) tempo markings; e.g (2) following an accel. followed by a rit. you want to return to the tompo before the accel, not the one before the rit.

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