copy/paste and print: two problems

• Jan 14, 2023 - 02:52
  1. Copy/paste does not include a LOT such as endings, composer etc.. Usually there is a menu to select what to copy and again to choose what to paste.

  2. Print does NOT offer a print preview at least with my printer in Windows 10. Print preview is available with all my other software.




Copy and paste indeed does not copy everything - just notes and elements attached to notes, basically. It's a common request to have it capture more, so hopefully someday.

Print preview is not something provided by MuseScore; it might be provided by your printer driver. You'd have to consult the documentation for your printer to learn how to invoke it. But not, MuseScore is already showing you a print preview by default for the most, especially if you turn off display of invisible elements in the View menu. Or, in MuseScore 4, use the Publish tab.

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OK, I get it. But all my office programs have print preview as well as my email program and a couple others. Just not MuseScore. Not a big deal though.

I couldn't find the publish tab. I'm only using MuseScore 4now. It is a magnificent update. My complaints are minor and I'm just getting to know it.

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