Impaired Selection of "Invisible" Attributes

• Jan 13, 2023 - 19:54
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S4 - Minor
  1. Change the tempo within a piece to suggest phrasing in playback.
  2. Select that tempo mark and click "V" to make it invisible in the printed score.
  3. Do something else with the cursor.
  4. Select the a-fore mentioned "invisible" tempo mark (to modify, delete, or make visible).

Sometimes I can select it, but most often, I cannot.

1. Select the measure and make it invisible (which toggles the invisible parts visible).
2. Make the change.
3. Then re-select the measure and hit "V" to make it normal again.

There does not seem to be a particular "spot" on tempo marks on which to place the cursor to assure selection if the mark is invisible. I have not had this issue with other invisible elements in the score.


Status active needs info

This works fine for me, but perhaps there is something unusual about your score that is causing a problem. Please attach it so someone can investigate further.

Frequency Once Many
Reported version 3.6 4.0

Sorry..didn't see the version box. Here is an attached score. I tried another mouse, which worked marginally better. Still, it seems I need to click four or five times before the hidden element is selected. Very random. I do not have that problem with any un-hidden elements...they select immediately. And not just invisible tempo markings -- invisible dynamic marks, as well.
I use a Mac Mini Mi with the Monterrey OS. Thanks for all of your work.

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Invis Test.mscz 43.67 KB
Title Selection of Invisible tempo changes Impaired Selection of "Invisible" Attributes
Frequency Once Many
Reproducibility Randomly Always

I responded to another user commenting on this problem, and discovered how to reliably reproduce this issue and resolve it per instance:

To select an invisible score attribute which will not respond to a mouse click,

-- click on the score window and move the page in the window. It need only be a nudge, but it must move.

-- the invisible attribute can now be selected. It can only be selected once, however, then it reverts to its un-selectable state. Nudging the page location in the window again restores its select-ability for one instance. This is completely reproducible on my computer ( Mac M1 Mini running Ventura 13.2.1)