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• Jan 13, 2023 - 18:22

About 50% of what I do with Musescore is lead sheet production so I'd like a setup ready to go for lead sheet. Keyboard with 2 voices and treble clef and that's it. "Might as Well be Spring" is an example. I want to eliminate the bass clef on this score. I try copying the treble clef, opening a new project with just treble clef but when I paste in it opens the bass clef again.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Assuming you're using Musescore 4:
- select a bar in the bass clef staff
- right click on the selected bar
- click on "Staff/Part properties..."
- choose "Always" in the "Hide when empty" option
- click on "OK"

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Yeah, that works but I discovered if I copy the treble clef then set up a new project as a trumpet solo and paste into that it works just dandy except it's in the wrong key but that's easily fixed.

I also discovered that the copy function only copies notes. It leaves out titles, repeats and everything else but notes. That is REALLY bad. Usually there is a menu where you can select what you want to copy.

Also discovered the print function has no print preview. That's also pretty bad.


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