Two problems with MuseScore 4

• Jan 12, 2023 - 04:27

1) I downloaded Strings sound font using MuseScore Hub. Then I looked for this sound font in MuseScore 4 folder under SondFonts subfolder on my PC - there was nothing there.

2) I opened a score created in MuseScore 3 in new MuseSCore 4 and saved it on my PC in MuseScore 4. Again MuseScore 4 folder did not have the score under Scores subfolder. But I found the score in MuseScore 3 folder.

Can you help me?


  1. Muse Sounds are stored elsewhere, check Muse Hup for the location
    2, MuseScore stores the files where you store them, existing files get stored at their location by default, new scores in the MuseScore 4 directory by default

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