Corrupted Score + Online Download Error

• Jan 11, 2023 - 17:07

I recently updated one of my old original compositions in MuseScore 4. After I saved the file and made some changes, I tried re-opening the file, but then I get a message saying it was corrupted. It still opened pretty good though.

But things get worse once I try updating the score to my account. After I've done that, I get a download error that occurred.

I have a link to the score right here:
And if anyone else is having the same issue, then there must be a huge problem.

I even attached the .mscz file. Unfortunately, I don't have an uncorrupted version at all, but if it still works in MS4 for you guys, then that's good.

Cansomeone please help me with this huge issue?

Attachment Size
Overture in C Major.mscz 756.63 KB

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