Disabling "enable indentation on first system" via default style not working

• Jan 11, 2023 - 05:44

I want the to turn off the default for "enable indent the first system." I saved a style with the option turned off and confirmed it was saved correctly in the text file. I set the default style in preferences to use that file. However, whenever I create a new score from a template, the "enable indentation on first system" is still always checked.

I also want to suggest adding save/load style to the style settings pane, instead of hiding them in the format menu.


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I just tried it, and loading the style afterwards works. Logically, it makes sense that if you use a template, that template's style takes precedence over a default style. It would be convenient if there was a way to set global style settings for things like this, or at least edit the default templates.

I have the same problem - I'm typing up a tenor transposition for some Dvorak (as I cannot get my head round playing treble clef down an octave on a cello!) so I don't want a first line indent as I'll be adding single lines of transcription to the middle of the piece. It worked in 3.6, but doesn't seem to in 4. A little frustrating, although I'll find a work round.

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Works for me, even loading a style file from Mu3 that has that setting works in Mu4 (after a warning).
Thy this:

<?xml version="2.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<museScore version="4.00">

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Indeed, I did load it, but to no effect. Some of my other, older styles worked (& without a warning that it might fail, once I changed the version to MS4, in the 1st two lines). I did find it better to use an existing style file and change that, rather than try to save a new text file as *.mms.
I'll keep trying!

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It didn't work straight away. But I then looked at the instrument names in stave/part properties, and removed any names in either of my two parts. And when I closed that field, the indentation had gone. Not entirely sure exactly which action had the effect - but the effect did happen!

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