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• Jan 10, 2023 - 21:15

I hope to publish a book shortly. It must be produced in approx 5"x"8 size and will include a couple of hymn tunes that I have set using that size in Musescore. I did a sample print off of a couple of pages. The result is that the notes are widely spaced and tiny. The vertical spacing of the barlines is big and the space between the stave lines is very small.
I attach a page.
I can see 101 measurements that can be changed in Format - score - notes, etc but is there any simple way of changing all settings without tinkering with individual measures and having to learn all the Musescore jargon/nomenclature?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated - even of suggested maximum size settings or note times that might fit each line and make it more legible for playing.

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Many thanks to those who responded. I am not a musician and there are just a few tunes/scores in a 381 page book - so getting too heavily into Musescore was something I hoped to avoid. I was really hoping for a little icon like the 'increase font size' one in Word that resulted in the score size increasing and the bars shunting along the lines like text - which I could do till I filled the page.
I did achieve what I wanted after 3 or 4 hours by reducing the system (I had to learn the jargon) distance and pushing the score to the edge by reducing the distance to the sides and header and distance space.
However - the main trick that worked was not from Musescore but by thinking outside the box. After minimising the edges I scaled down to the minimum that kept the whole tune on the page. Then saved to pdf. Then converted the pdf to a jpeg, which I could then stretch when I pasted it into the document. It was a long way round but it worked - see attached.
I saved what I had done as a style in Musescore and am hoping it will be less arduous for me with the remaining 11 tunes.
As I have said - thanks to forum members for their suggestions.

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There's the off chance somebody will see this post, and have a sufficiently-similar experience... that could offer SPECIFIC parameters to adjust. With a software environment as full-featured as Musescore, getting "in-and-out-quick-without-learning-the-jargon" is unlikely. For the 2nd half of 2022, I spent 1-5 hours per day, many days of the week, in MS3. I still have - at the ready - a web browser window so I can do Internet searches for the challenge I'm having at the moment. And I search areas of this message Forum as well, for solutions. FURTHER, I scan through other's posts, just to learn how their particular problem got resolved. I guess it's the nature of the beast, to have to invest more time than you'd like, sorry to say.

If you attach the actual MuseScore (.mscz) file, rather than a pdf "picture", someone here can make recommendations about the relevant settings needed to achieve your goal.

You need to experiment with these two settings:
Format > Page settings... > Odd page margins / Even page margins to reduce all margins
Format > Page settings... > Scaling to increase Stave space and note size

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