Pasting in lyrics

• Jan 10, 2023 - 14:19

I recently installed MuseScore Version 4. In the older versions, (on a Mac) if you copied lyrics from a text file, you could then paste them into a MuseScore file simply by creating a lyric line under a voice and pasting, using Command-V. The cursor would automatically move to the text box beneath the next note, where you could press Command-V again and the next word or syllable would be pasted. If you needed to add an extra hyphen under a note, you would type a hyphen (or a space) and the cursor would move to the next note/text box.

This doesn't work in Version 4. Instead, when paste into the first text box, it pastes in the first syllable, but then it continues to paste that same syllable over and over without moving on to the next note or the next syllable. Is there a new way to paste lyrics that I missed?


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