Hide the Main Menu to the Left

• Jan 10, 2023 - 13:57

Maybe it could be like you can do with Word: just push to left to semi hide => hide.
Re push edge line to re get?

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Good idea!
MS3 had an adjustable border, though the area could not be "hidden".
MS4 border is completely locked in place.

It would be nice to hide/unhide to show more music on the page - especially during playback.

Or when hidden, a small expand icon shows:

What if plugin renders itself in the left pane (if that will be still possible option in MS4)? Then it would be beneficial to users not only to hide the left pane but also to have an ability to control it's width.

In case it isn't obvious, the side panels can be opened or closed at will, via the View menu or shortcuts F7/F8/F9 for instruments, properties, palettes.

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That's right, panel will disappear when all of its constituent views are disabled. However, that's tedious the more views that must be toggled.

Therefore, the panel should be hideable. All of the other applications that I can think of with similar panels/views have hideable/minimizable panels.

I'm pretty sure we're in sync on this but I wanted to clarify.

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