Is there a command line argument to disable MPE?

• Jan 10, 2023 - 05:17

I do not care for the MPE feature in Musescore 4.0. It is unpredictable and causes problems with balancing parts. Sometimes the dynamic changes don't make sense musically. I would prefer to be able to turn off that feature either in the GUI or with a command line argument. Perhaps even a text message "No MPE" similar to "no swing".

An alternative would be to compile a version of Musescore that does not have MPE so users who prefer to shape their own phrases would be able to do so.


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MPE > Muse Playback Events
Tantacrul · 15 dec. 2022 "Yeah, one of the things on our (annoyingly massive) to-do list is to provide documentation for how to integrate with it. Will be great for those who'd like to create samplers that can actually interpret notation, rather than having to read crappy MIDI tea leaves."

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