MuseScore 4 batch convert

• Jan 10, 2023 - 00:17

MuseScore 4 doesn't seem to support batch convert jobs ("MuseScore4.exe -j batch_convert.json"), at least not in any way I've been able to find. There's no documentation for MuseScore 4's command line options yet.

Is there a way to do this? Because I have a script that generates a JSON file, then runs the batch convert, but it only works with MuseScore 3.


I stopped using Musescore 4. I am going to wait until late this New Year to give it a try again. BUT this batch convert to .pdf is one of my favorite features.
I am able to convert all my songs to .pdf very quickly.
Please, bring this back if it doesn't work.

I regret I made the switch to version 4 this soon. Too much is missing or not yet working properly. I understand the developers are doing everything they can to make everything work. Maybe the final release should better been postponed a little longer.
I hope this plugin will be ported to 4.x soon. Now only the UI is working; every effort to convert a file results in a ERROR Reading.

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I agree. Sadly this software was not ready for release. I used it for less than 30 minutes before I converted back to Musescore 3.x.
I have a feeling I am sticking with 3.x indefinitely. It is fine for me.

And that batch .pdf feature is my favorite plugin. I love that feature. If I make small changes to my compositions I don't have to keep track, I know I can just 'batch' them all sometime in the future.

I hope they can sort this mess out, but Musescore has a huge uphill battle to fight. They did a complete rewrite of the software so every little tiny bug that was fixed over the course of 10+ years has the chance of reappearing now.

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Well, it was the tab issue. Multiple instances of the program were opened on my iMac which looks really strange. Then I had a horrible latency when inputting notes on my Casio PX-560M. And the output sounded poor.

I quickly realized it wasn't going to work.

Not to be rude, but I don't want to be a software tester. I will try again at the end of the year.

I would prefer to use Musescore on one of my older iMacs, but I suspect it will only work on my newest one.

I have no rush. I love Musescore 3.x it works just fine for me.

Best of luck.

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