One file on musescore 4 keeps crashing

• Jan 9, 2023 - 19:26

This file attached keeps on crashing immediately. I am on Windows 11. If you have any additional questions just ask below. Thank you in advance.

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Suite for Orchestra Mov 2.mscz 44.87 KB


I just tried it on My Windows 11 PC (Intel i5 10th gen, 16GB memory) with musescore 4.0.1.
It opens, shows breefly and then immediate closes Musescore....

So I can reproduce it, but haven't yet found a solution how to open it.
It looks like MuseScore doesn't even create a log file on opening this, so that's no help neither....

I tried to unzip the mscz file and the open the mscx file, but the same result....

Sorry I can't help you further.

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