Nuova versione 4: dove sono le cose utili?

• Jan 9, 2023 - 07:30

Ieri sera ho scaricato la versione 4 perchè mi indicava che esisteva un aggiornamento: purtroppo mi ritrovo una schermata totalmente stravolta... ma perchè non si fanno i fatti loro?

Fatta questa premessa, qualcosa di importante ho ritrovato, ma non trovo come cambiare lo strumento (suono) alla traccia, il canale midi e gli effetti tipo reverbero e chorus tipici del sistema GM; il mixer è povero, nella versione 3 era tutto in evidenza... qualcuno mi aiuta?


This is an English-language forum, so here is your question in English:
"New version 4: where are the useful things?
Yesterday evening I downloaded version 4 because it indicated that there was an update: unfortunately I find myself with a totally distorted screen... but why don't they mind their own business?

Having said that, I've found something important, but I can't find how to change the instrument (sound) to the track, the midi channel and the effects such as reverb and chorus typical of the GM system; the mixer is poor, in version 3 everything was in evidence... can anyone help me?"
Translated with (free version)

Some answers:
1. MuseScore 4.0 is very different from MS 3.6.2, because it involves a wide-ranging rewrite of the entire codebase
2. There is a steep learning curve in order to get familiar with MS 4.0
3. MS 4.0 is incomplete in some aspects, and the Mixer in particular has lost a few features.
4. Later versions of MS 4.x will no doubt fix many problems and restore missing features.
5. My own solution? I am staying on MS 3.6.2 for a while.

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