1st 2nd endings using "lines"

• Jan 8, 2023 - 23:57

I have a first ending that is two bars long. I marked it using "lines" under "Master Palettes." The playback using Musescore 4 can't handle that or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Same thing happenes in the earlier versions. Usualy get around it by somehow making the first ending only one measure long but that's a pain. Is there a better way?



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Thanks for the try but actually your edit didn't help. The 2nd ending still comes in a few beats too early after a weird delay. Same thing happens when I do what you did.

Investigating I came across this statement:
"The actual playback is affected by the entry in the "Repeat list" (Volta: Style). This consists of a series of numbers each followed by a comma (the last comma is omitted). This can be freely edited, but remember to ensure that Play count is also amended accordingly."

I can't find the "repeat list" nor "Volta: Style" so the entire statement isn't much better than gibberish for me.
The question is still: How do you implement at playback a 1st ending that is longer than 1 measure?


While it's true that your first volta line extends across 2 bars, the anchor point, which affects correct score playback, does not:
Volta anchor.png
The easy fix is to delete the volta, select the 2 bars and then click on the 'Prima volta' in the 'Lines' palette. Doing it this way will automatically cover the 2 bars with the volta line and properly aligned anchor points (i.e., adjustment handles).
Alternatively. to manually change the start and end (anchor) points of a line, see:

Here's your score:
Armed Forces Medley2.mscz
Click on the first volta and then click on those square adjustment handle(s) to verify correct alignment.
It's the same story with the other volta.

Also, you wrote:
I can't find the "repeat list" nor "Volta: Style" so the entire statement isn't much better than gibberish for me.

Click on the volta in the score and look in 'Properties' (formerly the 'Inspector'):

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