MS4 menus behave like buttons instead of menus on Windows

• Jan 8, 2023 - 04:56

So ever since I started playing with MS4 something felt off about the menu bar. Now I figured out what it is. The menus behave like buttons instead of the menu bars you would find in other windows programs.

In a regular Windows program, as well as in MS3, Left Mouse Button Down pops up the menu. In MS4 it is not popped until Left Mouse Button Up.

A common thing I do in other programs is to drop the menu with LMB down, keep it down until I am at the item I want to use, and at that point release LMB which will activate the menu item. Not possible on MS4 as LMB up instead of LMB down triggers the menu.

Is this intentional or a bug?


In reply to by Rickard H

There's a lot of UI weirdness for the most basic of operations e.g. I notice that if you paste into many of the text boxes, they try to grab HTML off the clipboard rather than plain text.

Reminds me of being part of bug bash weeks on new software releases, but we would told that there were no points for hitting certain parts of the code which were "bug farms".

It seems you also need to do the mouse button release within a specific amount of time too, otherwise you will get no menu at all. I don't think this is standard behaviour on any platform?

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