Load style on new score creation

• Jan 8, 2023 - 03:14

Coming from another score package, the default install provides a number of visual styles with different purposes - jazz, classical with certain common fonts, etc. It would be great if MuseScore could show a list of the installed styles to choose from (both from the application's install folder and the user's default directory for styles) when creating the score, not just loading after opening. This would add convenience for users who use styles a lot and also improve discoverability of the style features for new users.


If you save your various styles with some speaking names you could easily chose "the right" one for your score.

Personally, I only use a single main style which is set as default for new scores and parts; for the few occasions where I need it differently I happily take the additional clicks to load another style (even without a preview I know what's in it)

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