[MS4] Written vs played Dynamics, or why I want to edit playback on p, mf, etc markings.

• Jan 8, 2023 - 02:38

MS4 currently has no way to write a dynamic that differs from what actually plays.

This means that when I write say, a solo against a lot of accompaniment, I cannot make the solo stand out without marking it louder than I should. It's standard in orchestral repertoire to play a solo about a dynamic louder than it is marked, sometimes even two. The dynamic is more for the feel than for the actual volume.

Similarly, sometimes you may want to have a line play out more or an accompaniment be quieter, with the range of the marked dynamic.

My usual way of doing this was to assign an mp and then just delete the m, but MS4 plays this as a piano.

I also ran into a bit of trouble when I tried to assign a 'sempre ff' dynamic; MS4 interpreted this as piano. I had to break it into two to get correct playback.

I would very much like to be able to edit playback volume on dynamics, pretty please.


There's also an issue where I need a p, crescendo, p, and the crescendo does nothing because the end is a p, and there is no way to tell it what to crescendo to.

I'd need to fake it out with an invisible dynamic or something

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