toggle for sharp and tie seems to be the same

• Jan 7, 2023 - 20:33
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try to tie two notes together, using the plus sign as indicated by the dropdown menu at the tie icon. causes the note to get a sharp sign. sharp sign indicates the same keyboard shortcut, the plus sign. using linux version of musescore 4


For the record, shortcuts are always listed with capital letters in documentation - not just in MuseScore but in many other programs as well. In part because most keyboards actually label keys with capital letters. To indicate a capital letter explicitly when documenting a shortcut, write Shift+T.

In case this isn't clear, "+" is not meant to be the tie shortcut anymore. If that's still showing on your system, it's the result of still having shortcuts leftover from an experimental prerelease build. Reset your shortcuts to the defaults to restore the property shortcut for tie: "T".

Changing habits is hard indeed, but FWIW, really the tie command is not like duration commands - it's more like pitch commands. After all, first you select the duration, then you select either a pitch or a tie. So having tie close to the letters that you use for pitch actually makes more intuitive sense, if you didn't have old habits to break.

Normally I'm not sure people want numpad keys to work differently from the standard equivalent. So if you want "+" (numpad or otherwise) to to be tie, probably better to simply change sharp to something else entirely.

Which is exactly how the accidentals never got shortcuts for the first dozen+ years of MuseScore's existence - there is no good combination that makes sense without compromising something else. That's why it took until now for someone to say enough is enough and people could adjust to "T" for tie. I personally am about 80% of the way there :-)

True. But hey, at least you have Ctrl+K for (I guess) "Akkord" :-) Which is ironic because I've heard Werner pronounce that "chord" with a regular English "ch" as in "church"...

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On a side note: I usually write the natural note (keyboard a-g) and add the flat/sharp with arrow keys

Anyway, BTT: am I the only one starting to believe that this "issue" here is not an issue but rather a matter of habits (resp change of habits)?
For the Windows version of MS4 I can confirm that by default t is the only shortcut for tied notes, the + is assigned to toggle sharp

Well, the original issue report seems to suggest that on some systems at least, the tooltip for the tie button has the wrong shortcut. but this is what I believe is just due to someone having old settings leftover from an experiment pre-release build.

Adding accidentals by arrow key is what I normally do also - but I suspect that is as much habit because there were never shortcuts in the past as anything else. And of course, it's of little use when entering things like Cb in the key of C, also no use for courtesy accidentals. So I'm very glad to have the accidental shortcuts, and am trying to training myself to use them. I give myself an 80% on ties, but I'm no better than 50% on accidentals.