Dynamics are not showing on some parts of a score

• Jan 7, 2023 - 17:50

Hello !

Another bug I may have discovered while working on my project for a large ensemble - some dynamics are not showing up for some individual parts (while they are present on main score). Used main score (first picture), first violin (middle picture) and cello (last picture) as example.
Ekrānuzņēmums 2023-01-07 194703.png
Ekrānuzņēmums 2023-01-07 194754.png
Ekrānuzņēmums 2023-01-07 194822.png

Is there a solution to this ?

Many thanks


I have the same problem. It's pretty annoying to have to go into each part and make sure that the dynamics are showing up, and if they aren't, I have to go back to the full score and delete and reapply the dynamics. I haven't found a fix though.

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