Playback audio suddenly stops in middle of piece but bar continues

• Jan 7, 2023 - 00:52


I opened a file of a piece that I am attempting to simplify and the playback works the whole time when initially opened. But when I make a change to a measure, playback will work up until that measure, and then the audio mysteriously disappears.

Here's the weirder part: This piece has a lot of repeats, and the audio will usually work when it goes back for the repeat. What's happening?



Came here to report the same issue-- I also have a repeat where it's happening to me, so I tried playing through the repeat, and I get the same result, e.g. playback cuts out at m. 31, then on the repeat of m. 31 it works fine. Must have something to do with the repeat?

On the other hand, I think the problem started when I re-entered a bit of lyrics text; maybe that's related.

When I see this, the sound usually stays off for anywhere from one to six measures, then turns back on. Whether it has hit a repeat or not. Come to think of it, my recollection is that it most commonly happens as it starts the second (or subsequent) play of a repeat.

However, in my experience, no matter how much it's doing this in playback, that gap does not appear in MP3, WAV, FLAC, or MIDI files exported from MuS.

I play Celtic tunes which have a lot of repeats. I seem to see the issue when I turn on Loopback to practice.

For 'Out on the Ocean' when I have loopback turned on it does the first ending and the repeat, then the second ending just fine but when it gets to the 12th fret it jumps back to the beginning.

For 'Rose in the Heather' when I have loopback turned on it does the first repeat just fine and plays through the second time but at the end of measure 8 jumps back to the beginning never playing the B part even though the end of the loopback is at the end of measure 16.

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