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• Jan 6, 2023 - 19:25

I have a score I developed in MS 3. I downloaded MS 4 and have continued with the score in MS 4, with no issues. When I opened it today, I got a message that said it is corrupted. I tried closing and opening again and I got the same message. I tried ignore. I looked at the score and it seems fine. I saved a copy and opened it. I get the same issue.

Please advise.

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I opened it in MS 3.6.2. and found:
Bar 61 is damaged. Glockenspiel is o.k., but for all other instruments there should be a whole rest. But it is not. This is the problem.
Select the notes of the Glockenspiel and copy them. Then press Ctrl-Del to delete the whole measure 61. Then insert a new measure and paste the Glockenspiel notes back in. You need to add the tie to the last note of the previous bar.

The last bar written (63) is too long; 9/16 instead of 8/16. This is not necessarily a mistake, but if you remove the dot at the last dotted eighth note and then reduce the length of the bar, it is ok.

Please note: MS4 is quite an early version and still has some problems. I do not recommend using it for serious production right now.

I also encountered this today. My score was created with native MS4 but still got the same problem.
It turns out it is due to a missing rest bar.
In your score, bar 62 has a missing 4-beat rest.
Unlike normal objects, you cannot simply select it and hit "delete" to delete everything and restore the score. After a lot of trying, I found the best way is to select the bar before it, hold shift, and range select the bar after the problematic bar. (so that's 3 bar selected in total) You just need to hit "delete" and everything will be back to normal.
Save the score and your file would be back to normal.

I do think it's a bug that's generated by MS4, but I have no idea how to reproduce the scenario.

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Thanks! I'll start with HildeK's solution and take a look at yours if need be.

BTW - I'm new to MS and the forum. I find it refreshing that people on the forum respond so quickly and competently. I've been a Software Engineer for 40 years and I don't find this to be the case with forums like StackOverflow.

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