Why doesn't MIDI output work on Musescore 4?

• Jan 6, 2023 - 17:07

It used to work perfectly with the previous version, but now it doesn't work. I double-checked to see if it was a problem with my digital piano or computer, but it isn't, because MIDI output works everywhere else.


I have the same problem.
The midi input/output worked initially, but no longer with the current version v4.0.1.230121751.
Here is a snapshot of my preferences, where I have selected my keyboard as input and output.
When I play the score, it still goes to my PC Loudspeaker instead of my MIDI keyboard.
I have also "Activer input MIDI" in the playback setting, although is should not affect playback, I guess.
Is there any other setting that I should change?

Note: initially, the selection was totally empty; the pulldown menu was populated with "Aucun périphérique" and "CASIO USB-MIDI", but the latter could not be selected. I found a workaround by first selecting "Aucun périphérique", and then "CASIO USB-MIDI". This is probably an unrelated small bug.

UPDATE: when I set the volume of my CASIO keyboard to maximum, I can hear the notes very weakly. There is also a note (A) superposed to each of the actual notes.
Midi input did not work half an hour ago, but now it does; could this be linked to a test I did with Musescore 3 to confirm that the keyboard worked fine with M3?

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I can confirm the same behavior: MIDI output does not work properly. If I turn up the volume on the Casio keyboard (with built-in USB port, shows up as "CASIO USB-MIDI" in Preferences), I can barely hear some notes playing, even when there are no notes (only pauses) in the staff. And by barely I mean about the same loudness as the speaker background noise.

MuseScore 4.1.1 on Manjaro Linux with KDE and Pipewire. I don't see any MIDI connection in qpwgraph, which makes me believe it's trying to connect to MIDI directly instead of using JACK/Pipewire.

Some related issues on GitHub:
* https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues/16787
* https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues/18382

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