How to enable MuseFX in 4.0 running on Linux

• Jan 6, 2023 - 05:12

The MuseFX work in all of my Linux programs except Musescore 4.0. But in 4.0 the FX plugins are not available. If I create a file in Windows using the FX, and then open the file in my Linux version, the mixer shows the FX but they are not enabled.

How do I enable the MuseFX in 4.0 for Linux???

If that cannot be done, is there a way to route the output of 4.0 so that I can use Reaper, which plays the MuseFX fine, as the sound engine?


MuseFX being VST, you cannot use this on MuseScore Lite.
And no jack anymore, so no output routing to Reaper.
But i am sure you know all of this.

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Yes , I know that, but I keep hoping that someone has discovered a work-around. I suppose that I could use 3.6 which is not crippled and route it through Reaper where I could use VSTi and VST. But I was hoping that someone might have a more simple solution.

The only reason I switched to Musescore was because I felt it was the best notation answer for Linux. I am disheartened by their failure to include full functionality for Linux in the current release.

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