Can't break systems every 4 and don't know how to end a volta.

• Jan 6, 2023 - 04:42

Hello, everyone, I'm trying to copy a music sheet as 1 to 1 as possible. I having two main issues. Right now I don't know how to add the ending on another measure. (Look for the image for reference).
I wanted to break every system into 4 measures each so I used the "Add/Remove System Breaks" and selected every 4 and at first it worked perfectly. Then I was adding notes and once I started adding semiquavers the systems started breaking every 3 measures and hitting the same button again won't give me back the same results. I don't know if it's a bug at this point but I can't figure it out.

Anyone that came accross this before?

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Semiqavers do need more space within a measure. So it may be, that only three measures per line will fit in an A4 page.
You can fine-tune this by reducing the stave space (sp) in 'Format/Page settings' until you will get the four measures per line.

(In 3.6.2.) Voltas are correctly set if you select the bars where it should be and then set the volta line from the lines palette.

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Hello, HildeK. Thanks for the reply!
Turning the sp higher wouldn't give me the result I was looking for but you gave me the right idea. I did get the results I was looking for by changing the Minimum note distance to 0.00sp under "Format > Style > Measure > Minimum note distance".

As for the Voltas. I tried everything and I can't figure it out. If it's not too much to ask and you know how it works, could you screen print a series of steps so I can replicated it? I'm trying really hard so I can figure this one out. I want to replicate the page on the right as close as possible.

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I meant that I set the sp value to a lower value. This means that all the distances become smaller.

Regarding the voltas: If you use MS 4, I'm not sure if it works similar to MS 3.6.2.
And if you use 3.6.2 please attach your score (or an exerpt of it or any sample score having the same problem) to verify your problem and I can take screen shots that match to your score. But I can only work with MS 3.6.2. files.
What I did: I selected the first volta measure, then using shift and the left mouse button and click on the last measure of volta 1 so two or more measures are selected (blue frame). Then I click in the lines palette on the 1st volta symbol.
Same procedure with the second volta.

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I know I'm like 20 days late for this so hope you don't mind still helping me out. I don't know if I'm too dumb for this but I swear I can't figure this out. I tried step by step what you described but it wouldn't work. I'm attaching a copy of my music sheet so maybe you can figure it out. I'm on MS so maybe it's different on MS 3? Anyway, hope this is not too much to ask.…

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First: you can also attach a mscz file in the forum.

I can't check how it works with version 4.0.1. because my old operating system doesn't run version 4. But setting voltas is an elementary function, so there should be no big difference to version 3.6.2. If there is, then I think there is still a bug in version 4.
If you are using MS for serious production, I recommend using version 3.6.2 for now. Take a look at the many forum posts describing different problems with MS 4.

As an example: your measures 47 to 49 should show the first volta.
Select all three measures:
MuseScore 3_ Via Purifico-1.png
then press on the prima volta sign in the lines palette:
MuseScore 3_ Via Purifico-2.png
You will get this result.
(I'm not sure if that is organized in MS 4 similarly)

A second option is: select your too short Volta line and use 'Shift + right arrow key' to extend it by one measure. You may repeat this.

BTW: it may be a bit easier if you change to the continuous view for this operation.

Attached you can find the result of my operations. Since I did it in 3.6.2 the text formatting (title, subtitle, composer) has been lost.

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This is it!!! Thank you so much! I was actually dropping on wrinting on Musescore because I couldn't figure it out. It was so simple I feel so dumb right now. I really really appreciate the effort of showing me this and taking those screen shots and all. Thanks again.


And you probably figured out to wait until you are finished with the piece to break it into 4 measure sections.

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