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• Jan 6, 2023 - 02:38

So I was downloading the percussion sounds, and after realizing it took up all my space on a certain drive, I tried to cancel the download and move the download location. After I did that every time I try to pause the download I get an error message saying "unable to resume download" followed by an ID. I tried uninstalling musescore, resetting , etc and the file is still stuck downloading without making any progress, How do I fix this


After the first attempt at downloading, how did you cancel that? How did you go about moving the download location? Did you ever have a working MuseScore4 program? What 'resetting' did you do, specifically? When a download gets stuck, what's the maximum time you've WAITED, before taking further action? The more details you can tell, the better.

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Well, The Sound was trying to install itself on the drive with no space, so eventually I just get an error that theres no space, I change the location by going to settings and changing it to another drive, then i tried to cancel the download then and it gave me the error. Yes I did have a working musescore program. I reseted my computer and shut it down, Ive waited hours for it to make some sort of progress but it doesn’t give a time or how much megabytes are left it just says downloading percussion sound, and even worse this is now happening with 2 other sounds, Choir and Harp.
Like I said I tried to uninstall and reinstall, reset and shutdown my computer. I tried to cancel the download but it gives an error, so thats whats happening

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Do you use Windows, macOS or Linux? How exactly did you uninstall, then reinstall?

Some folk here have struggled with depositing MuseHub's Sounds to a different drive location. Generally, the MuseHub program and MuseScore itself don't like (or just don't work) when the Sounds are put in some other location, even if you go to settings and change it to another drive. It is possible, and - at least for me - I had to 'fool' MuseHub to think it was saving Sounds to the normal, default location, when in fact I had set up a different drive with enough space.

Here is what I did for my Linux system, to put the Sounds somewhere non-standard. It applies to Ubuntu Linux, and some commands needed to be done using 'superuser' (Admin) permissions. I took great care in the steps I tried, and I believe the order of steps is quite important for ultimate success. My suggestion has more in common with macOS than Windows. I think what I did applies in theory to Windows.

You might want to approach MuseHub support. Here's one place to go:

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