Mute a voice in Musescore 4

• Jan 4, 2023 - 21:41

In Musescore 3, there were easily accessible buttons in the Mixer to mute voices for a closed score.

I can't seem to find that function in Musescore 4 anymore... Any idea how to do this again?


In case you missed it:

Right-click, "Select," "More," "same voice" (and "same staff" as needed). Then uncheck "play" in "properties". This is far too many clicks for something reasonably considered important for many of us. Redesigning the mixer would be one thing, but multiplying the number of clicks, and hiding how to get it, is another… I'd rather it be in the mixer with something like the old look (useful for those of us doing organ music as I do…), as soon as possible.

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