Musescore 4 not opening

• Jan 4, 2023 - 21:21

Musescore 4 does not open If the audio on your pc is set to any of the SteelSeries Sonar. Switching It to anything else fixes the problem and Musescore 4 will begin to work after.


I have never googled a technical problem and had it answered perfectly on the first link when what the issue turned out to be was this specific. Bravo & ty!

I have never thought that some random page with 2 replies would save my day. Thank you so much! I would have never solved this issue if it wasn't for you. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this.

I googled "Musescore 4 not working" and this was the first thing, and I just happen to be using Steelseries Sonar. That is the craziest thing.

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