using templates made in version 3 in new version 4

• Jan 4, 2023 - 19:56

I have made numerous templates in my version 3 however when I add them to the template folder in version 4 they do not show up in the selection window. What am I doing wrong??????


Some people have reported it helps to give them a title (eg, in File / Project properties). if you continue to have trouble, please attach the score in question so others can investigate.

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When I save that score to my Templates folder, it shows up just fine under "My templates" when creating a new score. One annoying thing is that since it was created in MuseScore 3, it does pop up that dialog informing you of that fact, the moment you select it. Also the name of the template displays as "dfdfddf" because that is apparently what you put as the title in the properties (I can see this opening the score normally, in either MuseScore 3 or 4).

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