We Need More MuseSounds

• Jan 4, 2023 - 14:35

MuseSounds is amazing, but there are some basic instruments and techniques missing. For example: Brass Mutes, Euphonium, Contrabass Clarinet, Conga. I would strongly recommend adding these into the sound library.


I think that all those sounds - and more - will be available in the future, but most probably not free. The future will show. MuseCy is for profit after all.

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Do you have evidence of there being any intention of making parts of MuseSounds not free? It would mark a change in direction for their creation tools (StaffPad aside which already was a paid for product when they acquired it). I think their focus so far has been on creating and selling more and more MuseScore.com features.

If they were to do such a thing, I would expect it wouldn't be under the label of MuseSounds (Free price is a major branding feature to just give up on a whim).

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I can almost guarantee they are intending to make future sound packs for sale.
That it is the entire business model.
Breaking up Musescore and Musehub.
Musescore will always be free, but Musehub and the sound packs will be a premium feature.
I just pray they keep Musescore separate like they did with this release.
Eventually 4.0 will get fixed and then I will use it, but what I really don't want is for Musescore to be merged into Musehub and the VST sound effects etc.
That is the exact the reason I stopped using Avid and Sibelius.
Personally, I am sticking with 3.6 until probably the end of this new year when all the kinks are worked out. But if they ever force me to use Musehub I will go back to Avid/Sibelius.

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Evidence? I would not have said 'i think' if i had.
But do you really think the Muse group (Or MuseCY Ltd. etc.), a for profit company, will provide high quality sampled instruments (buying samples elsewhere or hiring musicians, studios, sound technicians and make the samples themselves), costing hundreds or thousands of $/€ elsewhere, for free?
They will do so for everyone asking for a euphonium, a Eb cornet, a guitar, a euphonium, a sitar, a erhu and a euphonium, for FREE.
MuseSounds is just a label created by the Muse group.

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Indeed, but that's exactly what they have done so far. Such a shift would be messy. As I said, yes they are for profit, but, so far they haven't needed to make that part of their revenue stream. I'd expect if they do it that they will leave the current MuseSounds instrumentation alone and release the additional packs under another name. Even that would probably be a PR mess and probably not worth it. Most the major instrumentation 75% of everyone use is already in the free MuseSounds Library. Unless they decide to sell the Guitar pack, which would just alienate the guitarists which is a core demographic. Or they make that free too... and then only sell the dulcimer pack (which how profitable would that be?) I think they are somewhat stuck.

Maybe what they can do is release a MuseSounds base guitar pack for free and then sell a strat pack for those who want it.

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All of this is in service to get MuseScore as popular as they can thereby increase the user base for MuseScore.com. MuseCY realizes the same as what Microsoft have long realized. A purchase of software, is well, one time. We composers are a dedicated, but not a very large group in the grand scheme of things. Why annoy people on a one time $30 purchase when they got us happily paying $30 bucks a year. The real money is subscribing to a cloud service. So they want to make that service as attractive as possible, to as many people as possible, uploading realistic sounding demos to share with the world.

At least I think that's the plan. I think they've removed the limits on score uploading for free accounts, so what do I know. I just wish them the best because what they have created is pretty amazing all things considered.

There's no hi-hat or drumset which is kinda surprising to me, the wood blocks sound weak and terrible, hopefully that's added soon along with Musescore Drumline and marching insturments (mellos, sousas).
It'd be also great if it can support two instruments in a single bar, mainly for percussion (i.e. concert snare and bass).
Staccato are way too short and exaggerated and I'm kinda disappointed that there's still only 2 notes for wood/temple blocks.

Brass mutes is def one that's missing that shouldn't be

  • One other issue with them for me is some pitches. Some of the higher and lower range of instruments are unavailable. One of the big ones for me being the higher range of a soprano voice (above C#6

  • In addittion, some of the sounds don't last for an extended time, like some trills or natural harmonics (which btw, I'm thrilled they put in those in the first place)

  • Lasty playback and export using musesounds sometimes causes crashes, depends on the score

But overall, musesounds is amazing, and I'm sure our issues with it will be solved in the future.

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Accordions would be a huge upgrade as well as Chemnitzer Concertinas, etc. Extending the ranges of all the instruments further would be a big hit because we have for example Oboes that can play down to Low A, Low G foot Joint Flutes, 5 string Upright Basses, 108 Key Pianos, etc. We're in a new era so we need to take our arrangements to the next level.

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Yeah I figured out the cymbal, I didn't realize the Suspended didn't have it's own designated instrument and had to be changed from the other cymbal. It still however doesn't notate how I'm used to seeing. Maybe thats just the training that I've had though being different from that of the Musescore developers

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