Note names are not functional

• Jan 4, 2023 - 11:13
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1) Install Musescore for the first time
2) Create a new score with an instrument
3) Add some notes
4) Enable Note Names via Plugins -> Manage Plugins -> Note Names -> Enable. It's a reasonable expectation of a first time user that they should be displayed at this point, but they are not so
5) Click Plugins -> Composing/arranging Tools -> Note Names. The names of the note get displayed (above the staff), all seems well
6) Add some more notes. The names of these notes are not displayed (when the other note names still are). It seems intuitive that they should
7) Hoping to update the note names, click Plugins -> Composing/arranging Tools -> Note Names again. Instead of adding the new note names and leaving the old note names that are okay untouched, another row of note names is displayed above the old, duplicating the info
8) Change the pitch of one of the notes. The note name does not update, it still shows 'F' when it's not a F anymore
9) As a result, the note names feature seems unusable as a composition aid, and can only be meaningfully used for showing information on an already composed score. That feels bad to this inexperienced user/musician

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That what that plugin do s, it works on a selection or on the entire score, and multiple times if the user wants that.

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Okay but like, having a 'F' marking over a non F note seems ... bad. Maybe it should be designed to not do that, or provide an option to update the notes names as they change, or a way to delete all the note names so that they can be recreated right (instead of having to delete them manually before re-creation) . Since it's a plugin that is in Musescore by default from the install, not some anonymous script someone on the internet hacked together, in my opinion it should not produce wrong or duplicated information so easily. It would make the user experience a lot better for users that find sheet music / musescore to be a useful composing tool but don't easily sight read

The note names plugin can't do that, it simply is beyond the plugin APIs' capabilities. But the note head schemes can, using named noteheads

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I agree with the expectations as a user here. I'm fine with having to manually run the plugin to add notes if that's really necessary, but it should definitely not duplicate the names.

"The note names plugin can't do that, it simply is beyond the plugin APIs' capabilities."

Does this mean it's not possible to make it check if a note name exists before adding it? If so, then the plugin API should be extended to allow it.

"But the note head schemes can, using named noteheads"

Is that or something else?

And a plugin would need to check whether there is a staff text at the place it wants to put a new note name and whether that staff text stems from a previous run (or at least contains a note name, in any of the possible languages) or is a 'regular' staff text, it needs to leave the latter and overwrite only the former.
Not entirely impossible, but just way too much.