unroll repeats option not visible in 'tools' tab

• Jan 4, 2023 - 10:30

where can i find the unroll repeats option? i was looking for a way to have an instrument play the second time only on a repeated section and found this was the only similar way of doing so.


I hesitated for a year to upgrade, because I really hate the front end interface. If there was a label on what song was in which instance of MS4 along my taskbar the front end would be less annoying.

To the point of working around Unroll, I was sufficiently doubtful about MS4 that I kept MS3.x also. I think MS4 will be as good in time, but I am not going to live without the features of MS3.x

To Unroll
Export the score
Save the exported score in "uncompressed .musicxml" format.
Open the exported file in step 2 with MS3.x and use unroll
Save the piece and work with it in MS3.x as you see fit.

I will use MS4 because some scores come in that format, but I will hang onto MS3.x until stuff like this gets fixed.

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