MS4 not handling repeats and codas properly on playback

• Jan 4, 2023 - 01:23

This score has a single repeat section (with first and second endings), a DS al Coda, and a Coda. It plays fine up to the DS. After the DS, it does not repeat the first section, but skips right to the second ending. When it gets to the "to Coda" mark it goes right past it to the end of that section, then continues on into the Coda.

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Of course, won't open in MS3. But this is another issue - why is MS4 saying the file is corrupted? If I knew what the issue was I could try to resolve it. It's something that MS4 did to the file, which was originally an MS3 file. If I can't resolve the corruption problem I'll have to start all over, after having done a lot of work on this piece in MS4.

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Here's a clue at least - I created a new file and started copying the parts over one at a time. After each part I saved the file and reopened it. The only part that caused it to be corrupted was the Tenor Saxophone part. So something about that part is causing problems for MS4. I'll keep trying to isolate it further.

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If it's any help to anybody, I've isolated the cause of the corruption to measure 22 of the Tenor Sax part. I hadn't noticed it before, but it's pretty obvious that there are more than 4 beats in this measure somehow. I'll see if I can resolve my problems by just replacing that measure.

In instrumentational music, at least, most of the time, after a D.S. Al Coda, you don't take repeats. I don't know why, but it is a customary-type thing I believe.

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Whether it takes the repeat after the D.S. or not isn't really the issue (although it might be nice if that were an option - I could argue about how customary it is not to). The point is that it plays right through the To Coda without going directly to the Coda.

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It is a corruption in that file.
I opened the MSCX in MS 3.6.2 - same result and I had no success to repair it (deleting all repeats and jumps and set them new again). This is unusual!

Then I generated a new score, deleted all jumps and repeats in your original and copied the notes into the new score. The drum staff was copied separately because you probably used the 'repeat measure sign'. So this staff might be wrong in my copy.
Then I set the repeats and jumps again and it works. See the attached file (MS version 3.6.2).

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