Where ist the "Play part only"-checkbox located in Musescore 4?

• Jan 3, 2023 - 20:49

Dear all, my Linux distribution upgraded MuseScore to version 4, but somehow the checkbox “Play part only” is gone from the mixer. Does anybody know where it is now? This was a particularly useful feature for practicing.
Thanks in advance for your answers.


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Thanks, orMrSmith. Then my fears are true.
I had to uninstall MuseScore 4 and download the appimage of the previous version.

Unfortunately, the Solo-button is not helpful, as this way I still can't follow the score of a single instrument in a full orchestra score. It's not just about the playback, but about the notes. Without the possibility to follow the sheet of one part with the playback of the full score, I can't use the new version yet. I would be glad if this feature could be re-implemented in a future version.

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Thanks, bobjp.
I know, and I often do that, too. But I have a small screen, and with longer parts, I can't see the whole sheet at a time. So, it was favorable when the cursor followed the notes. I mostly play from memory, but to learn the song, I need to see the notes for a couple of times. I think, I'll just stick with the old version.

Are there any plans to bring this feature back in version 4?

lureli wrote > ... the checkbox “Play part only” is gone from the mixer. Does anybody know where it is now? This was a particularly useful feature for practicing.

oMrSmith wrote > It is gone.

I can't find Play Part Only anywhere. I'm glad that someone has raised the issue.

The lack of Play Part Only is a serious regression for those of us who want to read from a part while hearing the full score.

When the Play Panel is properly revived I'd like to see an instance of the Play Part Only checkbox there too so I have the option of toggling the setting without the requirement of the open mixer on screen. For that matter, I'd vote to promote Play Part Only to the main toolbar (leaving it disabled (or removed) when the user is viewing in a part.


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Unfortunately MU4's list of regression is longer than the list of new features. However this problem will be solved! The actual cause is that hidden parts are muted automatically and can currently not be unmuted. It's alsmost as if noone had thought about this basic need to proof read an individual part while still hearing the rest of the score...

Glad I found this thread, but ugh.

When you have a score with a dozen Instruments and you need to play a couple of them, and you want to know if you have edited those Parts properly, you need to follow only the Part on the screen, but you need to hear the whole piece so you know your context.

Is this a known regression? Has anyone reported it as a bug yet?

One more thing...

This seems more like feature disparity rather than a regression; ie, that it was removed on purpose, at least for now.

Anyone upgrading to MS 4 from a previous version should be presented with a listed of feature disparities so they can make an intelligent choice before proceeding. I now have a few scores I've heavily modified under MS 4, and I cannot play them properly due to this issue. And I can no longer open them in MS 3 to do the payback there. I tried doing an XML Export from MS 4, but MS 3 says the score is corrupt when I try to import it.

This is not a pleasant experience.

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Yes I agree, luckily I had not made a lot of changes under Musescore 4 so have managed to get all my files back to Ms 3. It is not a finished program! So much is missing, it should have been released.
Sorry Musescore great program but if it works don't mess with it, one thing you need in this sort of program is functionally and lots of it, we musician are used to complexity, music scores can get very complex - once a feature is included it'll get used and you'll get this sort of response when you remove it. Staying with Ms3 for the foreseeable future!

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