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• Jan 3, 2023 - 12:10

See these two bars (harp). The first one sounds as well, but the second doesn't sound at all. Please, explain me what is wrong.

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Please attach the score (.mscz) file so that others can listen and inspect the properties of the notes etc.

Adjunte el archivo de la partitura (.mscz), por favor. Otros pueden escuchar y también inspeccionar las propiedades de las notas, etc.

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Este es uno de los tres casos en donde el arpa presenta el problema (1er. archivo adjunto, selección)
Y hay otro problema también de audio: si quiero exportar en mp3 la partitura completa, la sesión se interrumpe y no graba nada (0 bytes). Esto no sucede con los otros movimientos de la misma Sinfonía, o sea parece que es algún error de esta parte de la partitura en particular y por eso lo adjunto aquí también (2º archivo archivo adjunto, copia SINFONIA 4 - IV) como problemas de audio que ignoro el origen.

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So, you feel that the first bar of the harp part plays OK and the second does not?

NB - i am using the MS Basic sounds because I have not installed MuseHub. Someone who is using the new sounds might hear something different.

In the full score (copiar), I think the harp sounds normal.
In the "selección" some of the notes are the wrong pitch but it still plays.
The .mp3 exports without problem and playing it back in Audacity it sounds normal, including the harp part (about 2:15 into the piece). As the mp3 file is 6.5MB in size, I haven't attached it.

So, try with MSBasic sounds and see if there is a difference.

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Well, I'd tried as you said and it's all right now. I didn't know that harp doesn't work with MuseHub sounds. However, I don't understand why in the middle movement of the symphony the harp with MuseHub sounds works very well and allows to export to mp3 without crashing the session. It's mysterious...! 🙂

Thank you very much and maybe this experience I had will be useful to continue perfecting MuseScore4, which is fantastic.

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