Changing the Staff and Part name using a screen reader in MuseScore 4

• Jan 3, 2023 - 06:29

Hi guys!
Tell me please, how can I change the name of the staff and part if I have multiple staves in the score?
I use a screen reader and work in MuseScore 4.


First, you need to navigate to the Instruments panel in the left sidebar. Assuming you are currently in the score, Shift+F6 should navigate backwards to the previous UI area, which is the left sidebar normally. Then use Left/Right to navigate to the Instruments tab, and Space or Enter to select it. Then Tab to move into the panel (you'll be on the Add button), Tab again to reach the actual instrument list, and then Up/Down to move through the list until you find the one you can to change. Once you find the instrument, press Left/Right to move through the options for that instrument until you reach the settings icon. press Space or Enter to activate it. You'll then be on the full name which can edit, and pressing Down will take you to the abbreviated name that appears on systems after the first.

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Sorry it took a while to confirm - my Windows computer was out of service a couple of days, but is back now. I can confirm that NVDA does not read the two fields. JAWS does, and so does Orca on Linux. I will submit an issue report for the issue with NVDA. meanwhile, know that the focus is on the full name, and down arrow will move you to the abbreviated name.

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That’s hard to say. I think in general more things are tested with NVDA, but JAWS is in general considered better from what I understand and it does seem to be able to read things that NVDA for whatever reason cannot. Also don’t rule out Narrator. We’d be interested to hear your experience of which is working best for you overall!

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You are not wrong :-). Narrator is included with Windows and has been for a very long time in fact (since Windows 2000 apparently). In the past it wasn't very sophisticated, but it has developed into a reasonably capable screen reader over the years. In my own tests it does work well with MuseScore.

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If I run JAWS
I can read the name of the fields, see their contents, but when I try to remove the characters and replace them with my own, nothing changes.
But the name of the staff changes.
When I reopen the settings window, the fields already have new content.
If I run NVDA
I do not hear either the names of the fields and their contents, when I try to enter a new staff name, it changes on the staff.

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