MS4 issue: Parentheses leave out accidentals

• Jan 3, 2023 - 01:35

The note property Notehead Parentheses doesn’t include any attached accidental. Besides making little sense, this creates legibility issues, especially in the case of cue notes.
As here:
notehead parentheses.png
I’m aware it’s possible to add brackets just to the accidental, which is a different thing.
Though the feature is called NOTEHEAD Parentheses, I’m unable to imagine a real case scenario where one would want to leave out the accidental, if there is one.

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notehead parentheses.png 15.44 KB


To hopefully heat up a bit the interest in the subject, here are two practical examples of how parentheses/brackets around notes are done “right” (i.e. in a really useful way). From Alban Berg’s ‘Lyrische Suite’, mov. II:
In this case the F3 is of course outside the violin’s range, it should be just “imagined”:
And here the bracketed notes are optional. Notice that the F#4’s accidental AND augmentation dot are INSIDE the parentheses. For all 3 belong together:
As far as I know at this stage, doing this in MS4 would require fumbling per hand with symbols or text. So what is Notehead Parentheses actually good for?

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